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October 14, 2010


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Be Informed


Would not your readers like to be informed that non-berating stories like these about this announcement or that, only comprise a mere 17% (and counting) of your column inches of this blog since its inception.

And would not your readers appreciate knowing that most of the pith of this blog (48%) is dedicated to stories that are heavily slanted against the Park District of La Grange, berating any position which can be found? (the 2nd-highest percentage is against the Village of La Grange).

Lately, there is a surge in the number of column inches promoting the people who are suing these entities, from pawn shops to land sales.

Would not your readers like to know that there is 1 single editor of this blog, who is not a taxpayer of La Grange?

From all this, your readers certainly should draw any conclusion you like. The fact is that more column inches, by volume or percentage of this blog are dedicated against the Village of La Grange and against the Park District of La Grange than any other form of available communication, printed or online.

Your readers therefore should continue to read this blog for a frequent fix of scolding against two government agencies in La Grange. For a more balanced view, look elsewhere, like the La Grange Doings, the La Grange Patch, and the La Grange Suburban Life:


"Column Inches" are a measure of blogs like these. This is similar to newspapers, both online and in print, which are not considered blogs.


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