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May 02, 2009


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Jim Boo Resident since 1994

Tom, all the citizens should appreciate your efforts.


I think the LaGrange Theatre deserves some money. Sure, it's a second run theater, but it could do very well as an art house type theater (like Hinsdale's or Century Centre at Clark & Diversey in the city). I understand your public records issue, but the bottom line is that a revitalized movie theater would bring in a lot of business for downtown LaGrange. Do you not like movies, or is it simply a public records issue for you?

the daily editor


I never raised an objection to the village wanting to extend financial aid to the theater. My concern was solely that the public have access to the whatever information village officials were using to make their determination.

Thom Rae


Fair enough.

Jim Boo La Grange

They initially were going to get $1.6 million. Somehow are making due with $1.0 million. I'm against dollar #1. This is taxpayer money, as taxpayers have paid higher taxes to support the other taxing bodies during the TIF run. TIF districts deserve to have a bad name, as they often turn into municipal slush funds like this one. If the theatre owners can't make a go of it, put it up for sale.


And to make it worse, Jim, the Village Board took the $1 million that had been earmarked to improve the intersection of Ogden and La Grange Road to give to the theater owners. The Triangle development and other "improvements" such as McDonald's at the north end of the village had already made this a bad intersection for pedestrians which will only get worse when anything is built on the former YMCA property. If La Grange Place is built, the developer has only committed to improving the northeast corner. The Village was to do the rest, but with what money now?

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