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June 11, 2009


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Level Player

I guess the police don't want to solve property crimes with the help of the pawn shop. There's no revenue in that!

Chris Walsh

There's a lot of doubletalk, whispering, and euphemism being used in this discussion.

Near as I can tell, the real argument being made is this:

This shop will attract people who need money badly, and those types are not welcome here. They won't spend much on La Grange Rd, and by their very presence they will drive down neighboring properties' values. Nothing against poor people personally you understand. But they need to be someplace else.

This argument, in my opinion, is profoundly selfish and based in ignorance. Any "affluent community" member who makes it should be ashamed of themselves.

Joe Bagodonuts


No euphemism needed. It is a fact (see link below) that pawn shops have been used by property criminals to dispose of stolen property. Said property criminals are often engaged in other sorts of criminal activity such as narcotics and presumably, the potential for violence that accompanies street level drug transactions.

The link below is from this past March and outlines a sting run by police on the North Shore involving pawn shops.

In my opinion, this is NOT the type of business I want in La Grange.

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