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June 12, 2009


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Who the heck does LaPidus think he is, calling anyone to warn them off of opening a business in La Grange? I don't remember voting to elect him into any office and am not that impressed with the value his business provides to an upscale community like La Grange. There are sandwich shops and there are sandwich shops.


I understand the need to maintain an image, but this sounds like snobbery and irrational fear-mongering to me. Seems to me that having a pawn shop is better for the village image than having an empty storefront. I wonder if LaPidus would be throwing a fit if this store was going in on the other end of town and not going in near his sandwich/rib shop.

LG since 1990

The Hope Chest, Jackson Square Mall - don't these current LGBA members serve as resellers of goods that others no longer want? Similar to what a pawn shop does? In this economy and in an area like LaGrange, I think there is probably a need for a reputable, upscale shop where people can go to sell their unwanted jewelry, etc. I trust that the new business owner has done some research into what would be successful in LaGrange and will operate his business accordingly. The LGBA members need to learn to be better neighbors and not to pre-judge without any real information. Their reaction to this can frighten away more potential retailers more than this new store does.

Joe Bagodonuts

Quote from this article:

"A well run, upscale pawn shop is a magnet for affluent shoppers, featuring mostly jewelry of high quality, along with high-end electronics such as flat-screen televisions, sports equipment and the occasional well maintained power tool, Grayson said."

If they are such magnets for upscale, affluent shoppers, why isn't there one in Oak Brook mall?

LG since 1957

I think that the burden of proof as to the TYPE of business that is actually under consideration lies with the prospective owner, Mr. Grayson.

In my opinion, the term "pawnbroker" lies at the core of the debate, The definition of pawnbroker being:

"Someone who lends money at a fixed rate of interest in exchange for articles of personal property which are left as security."

A pawn shop is different than a re-sale shop, where items are left on a consignment basis. The LOAN factor is the key difference. When money changes hands up front, questions arise.

An important consideration is proof of ownership of the item/items being pawned. That is why police departments are always on the alert for stolen items being fenced. It is up to Mr. Grayson to establish credibility.

Roz R

This is a jewelry consignment shop! Let's not promote ignorance and irrational fear in LaGrange!


All-Star Jewelry and Loan? While I'm not in favor of it personally, and it may be due to my own ignorance about both pawnshops and the horrible name, La Grange did issue the man a business license.

Can we possibly have representatives who make good decisions and then stick to them?

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