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August 05, 2009


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Mom of Two

I understand Mr.Cook's need for closure. However, is anyone going to feel better by creating a mob scene in the courthouse? The driver has pled guilty to the "accident". What more could you want? Nothing she does or says can bring back your beloved Cari. As heartbreaking and horrible as this accident was, I think the healing has to begin somewhere. And really, how does the village prosecutor really know what Mrs. McPhillips was feeling. Can you really "hear" what someone is feeling deep in their heart????


Speaking of the Village Prosecutor, how does he "not recall" the amount of the fine, the duration of the supervision or whether the defendant expressed any remorse? What exactly was he doing during this hearing, which he presumably understood was something more than a garden variety traffic violation? We should demand more from our public servants than was provided here.

Family Friend

I know Mary and her family. Mary and her entire family are also devastated by this tragic event. It saddens me deeply that people are so quick to judge the character of her without knowing who she is. I will tell you this, she is a very caring, loving and giving person and would NEVER hurt anyone. She has spent her life caring and giving to others. To judge her based on what said in the papers is very difficult. I have sat on the sidelines, knowing what has happened and I am shocked by what I read. We all pray for Cari, her husband, children and her family. I also pray for Mary and her family . Their lives too have been greatly affected by this very sad tragic accident and they grieve as well.

Friend of Cari

This woman obviously has no moral compass to be so sneaky and deny the Cook and Steven's family closure. I'm sorry that this woman feels badly, but the fact is that she killed a woman. A woman who's children will probably have no memory of her and a husband who has to be a widow so young. It is not fair that this woman will only receive a slap on the wrist for an action so heinous. The message to all is to slow down and enjoy life. There is nothing in this world that is so important that precaution and observance of those around you is unnecessary. Every day I think about Cari. Every day I miss my friend. God bless the Cook and Stevens family.

Caring witness

To say that this woman has no moral compass is terrible. Do you know her or what truly happened? This was a terrible accident. She was not the only one involved in the cause of this terrible loss of life. To put the blame entirely on her is not right. Unless you were there, you do not know what happened. I do and I can tell you, this woman was only a part of what caused the accident. She was clearly devastated by what happened and her life is forever changed. You would not say such harsh words if you had been there. What would seeing her in court have done for the family? They obviously feel that she is entirely to blame for what happened. Chaos in the courtroom would have only caused more pain for both parties. I wish Cari's family healing from this tragedy and I also wish the same for the woman involved. It was a terrible accident.

Caring friend

If you truly are a "Friend of Cari", you should help her husband and children by working towards the healing process. To judge another person WHO YOU NEVER EVEN MET is just unfair. You do not know the woman involved in the ACCIDENT with Cari. You do not know the pain and devastation she is feeling. Further, you do not even know what happened in the court room that day. And for the record, Cari's husband is a widower, not a widow.

wittness on 47th

Screw all of you that are friends with that Mary- for the record- the only thing that the family wanted out of that court room is an "I'M SORRY". I and as a friend... I think they are more than entitled to that. I hope Mary McPhillips is hurting and I hope she is hurting for a long long time. Nothing can ever replace the life she took and the lives she has affected with her careless driving. I too was there at the scene and yes it was her fault. No one else was driving her car but her- she pled guilty because she knows what a rotten person she is for being so careless. How would she feel if someone ran over one of her 5 boys?? I think she should have had the decency to face the family as she did the victim that day she killed her. Mary had no shame pleading guilty but she cant even face reality and apologize for her actions to the family and her poor husband.. I dont know who feels worse Cari's husband or her poor mother. From what we all read Cari has touched so many lives and will be greatly missed. Mary on the other hand should pay and suffer for a lifetime- whether it is in an institute or a prison. But "for the record" Mary was the sole cause of that accident- I was there and she should pay.

A Witness Who Cares

If you were a witness I would like to know who you are. I was there and you are wrong. If you know so much explain what you saw. You need to open your eyes and recognize that this was an accident. Shame on you for condemning this woman who was involved. Judging others out of anger only makes you miserable. There is something wrong with people like you who wish such terrible things to someone INVOLVED in an accident. Do people not understand that GOOD people can be involved in terrible accidents? You do not know this woman, what she feels and what was the true cause of the accident. And, for the record, pleading guilty to the tickets issued does not mean that she was the sole responsible person for the accident. What a sad person you are. Live life long enough and you will come to understand that anger and hatred are useless emotions.

47th st

As I read the comments posted here, I have such sad emotions. A mother should not bury her child. I know I am not alone with my tragedy, but none the less, I cannot hear her voice, see her beautiful face, hear her laughter, have dinner with her.
You are right that anger and hatred are useless emotions. These emotions will not replace my daughter. She left a miracle behind with her son, my grandson who survived. What would I want out of this?
A mother who can reach out to another mother and say "I'm sorry." The stages of grief for all of us include anger. Yes, we are angry.


I am sorry that Cari's family did not get the closure they were looking for. I ache for her husband, her children, her mother, and everyone who loved her. But "FOR THE RECORD", Mary does NOT have five Witness on 47th Street: get your facts straight or shut up! I just wonder, if your wife, husband, son, or daughter was the driver involved in this horrific "accident", would you be so quick to condemn? I pray for Cari's family, Mary and her family, and even you, Witness on 47th Street. Lord knows you need it!

 47th st wittness

mary can rot in hell-

 47th st wittness

and for the record- I thing you yourself need some help- You obviously only care for yourself to be writing in a blog such mean and sad things about the victims family- How on earth will you ever knopw how they feel- Maybe you will one day and honestly... I hope you do- I hope yoyr husband or wife gets murdered tragically like this poor woman did- Or even better- I hope it happens to your mom or your kids- FOR THE RECORD- If Mary was the least bit sorry, she wouldnt have skipped town- SCUM BAGS- Karma is rough- remember


You, witness on 47th Street, are a coward! And FOR THE need spell check!

sad one

Are we forgetting what's important here? Do we really need to call each other names? Can't we just honor the memory of our dear friend, Cari, and support the Cook and Stevens families?


Please stop this commentary. Nothing good will come out of this.

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A teenager who is smarter than fucked up adults

I am an eighteen year old boy and I know nothing about the victim and know nothing about Mary. What I do know is, she did not
Intentionally hurt anyone in this case. How dare witness on 47th street say those things. I hope you know, you are a terrible person. Karma will catch up to you. You will rot in hell if you don't make up for your mistakes and the things you said. You need to apologize for what you said. Mary did say sorry. Her life has also been altered as the victims family has been too. I feel terrible for the victim and her family. But we need to look at life in someone elses shoes. It's sad that adults can be this immature and rude. How dare you. You are an evil person and trust me, if karma has not come around yet, it will. And I hope that it hits you so fucking hard buddy. You make me sick. Kids my age are 100 times more mature than you.

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the truth

The Cari family were so sad they collected all the money they could in a civil suit. I guess the money beat out the apology they only wanted. God bless all involved

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