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December 18, 2009


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Tellin DaTruth

Wow. This stuff just gets better and better.

This guy is obviously a mouthpiece for certain members of the Park District board. A board that desperately needed to sell the parcel to fund operating losses at its other ill-advised decision on East Ave.

Granted Shields is an idiot, but he is right about Brogan taking money from ARP's $30,000 "investment" in CGGP.

As far as a "scumbag", that term can be thrown around about many personality traits, like being a notorious drinker, a serial job-seeker, etc. It just depends on your perspective.

If this thing escalates to fisticuffs, can the Park District board do the citizens a favor and properly publicize the date and time of the bout?

Chris Walsh

While I appreciate the irreverence, "Tellin", let me just say -- as I said in my capacity as Commissioner after this unfortunate incident -- that I would hope people can comport themselves as grown-ups, and not have a recurrence of this.

Joe Bagodonuts

1. Mr. Brogan is entitled to his opinion. Not sure why his opinion as a private citizen warrants 12 paragraphs or constitutes "news".

2. So ARP donated funds to further the success of a profitable business venture. Unless something has changed, this is still a capitalist society. I see nothing unreasonable in their actions protecting their self interest.

3. CGGP won the referendum. Most winners of elections spend more than their rivals. Again, not sure how this is news and sounds more like sour grapes in my opinion.

My opinion is that Mr. Brogan's well justified frustration is rooted in the fact that 55% of the population wanted and approved this sale and a vocal minority was able to counter the will of the people as expressed in a democratic election.

Jim Boo

"to the republic for which it stands" The last I knew the United States was a constitutional republic. Set up so a simple majority cannot ride rough shot over individuals rights. When the judicial branch of Cook County ruled that the PDLG acted illegally in this private sale of public property, game over. The (5) members of the PDLG should represent all the citizens of the village. The PDLG needs to bring this to a close immediately, it is ridiculous and a waste of my tax dollars.

Bob Brogan

Mr Rae:

When your friend Kevin Shields makes personal insults about me and my family on the way out of a meeting, he got what was coming to him. I do not believe that the term scumbag is a vulgar term, but rather an apt description of Mr. Shields actions.

I certainly wasn't waiting for anyone 90 minutes later. As I was walking out of my volunteer coach role with an 8th grade basketball team at the Park Distict, by chance, I ran into both of you.

You forgot to mention that Mr. Shields shamefully put his head down, when I told him that "his personal and Friends of LG Parks cheap subpoena legal assaults on my family, my wife and her marketing business have the character and values deserved in this community." The "Friends" attorneys found this out through a review of the records and in court.

Unlike his and his "Friends" backchannel approaches throughout the proposed sale of Gordon Park property, the eight points I spoke of go exactly to Mr Boo's point. "Friends" have wasted our money and will likely cost us more for Park services in the future.

The next time Mr. Shields has something to say about me and my family, have the guts to speak so everyone can hear you. I stand by my quote and hope he finds that hole.

Bob Brogan

Bob Brogan

Mr Rae,

I forgot to mention that this was not the first time Mr. Shields attempted to provoke me with insults to me and my family as I have left these meetings.

By the way, he didn't quite say what you have him saying.

My apologies to the Park Board for disrupting the meeting.

Bob Brogan

Chris Walsh


What's your basis for the assertion that most voters were unaware of ARP's contribution?

Unless I am remembering the dates wrong, it is a matter of public record, and was reported as such and available over the internet prior to election day.


Mr, Brogan's concerns about the existing Gordon Park seem to focus on the drainage problems at the ball fields. Actually, it was the Park Board that Kevin Shields was a part of that tried to correct that problem. When they swapped land at Gordon Park for the additional land for Elm Park so that the Village could erect the water tower, part of the arrangement was that the Village would redo the drainage of the ball fields. Afterward, the YMCA frequently complained about dirt from the park rising in their drains after heavy storms. Perhaps the Village tied the ball field drains into the sewer line under the abandoned Shawmut Ave. During hearings for La Grange Place, we heard engineering testimony that this sewer was extremely old and would need to be rebuilt.

If the current Park Board truly had any interest in Gordon Park, they could have spent a portion of the money they have shelled out for legal fees to have an engineering firm examine why the fields still flood. If the Village is at fault, they should be made to correct a problem they may have created.

During the hearings for La Grange Place, we heard no testimony about the potential for serious damage to the water tower if the contour and elevation of the ball fields and surrounding park were changed, dumping more water under the water tower. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a collapsing water tower adjacent to a land mark park that was poorly conceived and engineered?

Chris Walsh

So, Shields and company tried and failed? I'll be sure to remember that next time they offer advice about Gordon Park.


No Chris - they took a positive action. The lack of follow through falls on your board who evidently didn't have the interest and concern to check out the drains when they started to fail and have not followed through.


"...this vocal minority has displayed the worst in all character and values we teach our families and hold in our community" - says Mr Brogan.

Right before he calls someone a "scumbag" who should "crawl back into the hole he came from" and runs out after he said what he wanted to say. What a guy.

Values are things you practice, not something you only talk about in a prepared statement.


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My opinion is that Mr. Brogan's well justified frustration is rooted in the fact that 55% of the population wanted and approved this sale and a vocal minority was able to counter the will of the people as expressed in a democratic election.

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