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January 26, 2010


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You Just Watch

A reasoned voice with the ability to look at issues without a preconceived plan/plot, Metzger will be sorely missed.

Wanna bet that the master plan is/was to have someone named Brogan as the Metzger replacement. Bob Brogan's outburst probably stymied that plan.

You Just Watch...the Metzger replacement will certainly be another Kelpsas/Penicook apologist and supporter. Those two just want another head nodder not an independent thinker.

They'll try and position this post as the rantings of the anti-Gordon Park sale crowd, so for the record I support the sale. What I don't support is an increasingly secretive board that has mismanaged the Gordon Park sale from the very beginning costing this community time, resources and money.

You Just Watch.

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