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February 16, 2010


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Chris Walsh

Nice job getting this reported so quickly, Thom.

William Dobias

If, as the Park Board says, Gordon Park is the worst park in the system, why was the money applied for to be used in Denning Park?

Chris Walsh

Unofficial response:

1. Just because Gordon needs alot of help, doesn't mean Denning needs none.

2. It was not at all clear when the money would be awarded, so we didn't want to try to obtain it for a project with perceived time sensitivity.

3. Dollars are fungible.

I'm sure none of this is a surprise or is at all controversial.

You Want Some Whine With That

Hey Dobias,

Instead of always whining from the sideline why not jump in the pool and apply for Metzger's seat. According to Kelpsas they need applicants and , Lord knows, you have plenty of ideas and opinions.

My guess is you won't because it's easier to whine.

William Dobias

Chris - Fungible?

When Rob Metzger announced that you were going to sell part of Gordon Park, we heard that you wanted to "monetize" our park land.

When pressed by a Tribune reporter for an exact amount of money you were going to receive for the land we heard that the amount was "north of" $400,000.

Now, the Lyons Township funds are "fungible." (That's a concept that Lyons Township might find troubling.)

Perhaps if we could have less "high finance" conversation from the PDLG it would be easier to understand what you are thinking.

If you are saying that dollars you receive from the Township may be interchanged with dollars you anticipate, but might not see, from Gordon Park in order to build the new Gordon Park, that sounds like you might dig yourselves into a larger hole.

William Dobias

Dear You Want Some - or however you would like to be known. I usually avoid conversing with unidentified people who lay in the bushes in this blog and elsewhere and who occasionally, and not so reasonably, snipe at something I willingly publish with my name.

I consider my question, as first stated, as a reasonable question - not a "whine." I got an "unofficial" response from Chris Walsh which is appreciated, but not without another response from me.

We obviously don't know each other, for if we did you would know that I am currently incapacitated and physically unable to attend PDLG meetings where I would rather make my comments first-hand. That same difficulty would keep me from reasonably serving on the PDLG at this time.

There are regular readers of this blog that welcome my participation in the way that I offer it and, if they disagree - as Chris Walsh often does - they counter my ideas and opinions. That seems rather healthy to me.

Chris Walsh

So now the objection is not to what I say, but the words I use in saying it? Man, I should have stayed in bed.

The upshot is that if I need both a new car and a haircut, and you give me $30 but say I have to use it for the car, it still frees up "haircut resources", because I can simply use existing car money for my haircut.

William Dobias

Thanks Chris. But I thought the capital moneys were depleted and you had no money available for Gordon Park improvements or much of anything else.

Jim Boo

An interesting and unacceptable item to me that I've heard from attending the Lyons Township Meetings is that $1 million of the $10 million has already been spent on underwriting, legal fees, and consulting fees. $1 million gone, right out of the box, aren't public bodies "efficient"? I would hope the PDLG would NOT get their crack legal team reviewing the terms of this "grant". Perhaps just a meeting with a representative of each of the bodies getting the "grant" WITHOUT legal counsel with a Lyons Township Representative could save all the Park District bodies $10,000's if not more in unnecessary legal fees.

Chris Walsh


Allow me to tell you, to the best of my recollection, how much the PDLG has spent on legal fees related to obtaining this grant: $0.00.

Somewhere, Ayn Rand is gnashing her teeth.

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