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March 16, 2010


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William Dobias

Thanks again Thom, for pursuing abusive actions by public officials. It is interesting that Dean Bissias and the Park Board were so considerate of the applicants- redacting the home addresses, personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the applicants from their materials.

When Bissias and the Park Board blatantly posted on their web site the names, home addresses and personal phone numbers of the Friends of the Parks a while ago, I personally e-mailed both Bissias and Tim Kelpsas, Board President, requesting that same courtesy for them and was ignored.

William Dobias

Oh to be a fly on the wall or mouse in the wall (if the rec center has vermin). After looking at the materials of the self-promoted candidates, it appears that by the filing deadline date there were only three candidates - Brad Belcaster who would not do because of his close business involvement with the Board, Jim Boo who the Park Board did not want and Daniel Shoemaker who, although having excellent credentials, would probably be a real wild card to Tim Kelpsas. So the calls went out and James Fornaciari who, by his letter, appears to be personally familiar with Rob Metzger, and Julie Workman who would be made to order for the Park Board interests in current controversies stepped forward. The result of all of this will be very interesting. Time for you to exhibit some real leadership, Tim Kelpsas.

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