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April 14, 2010


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William Dobias

Guess we had better close Sedgwick Park - It's becoming a drug haven! Never heard anything this bad about Gordon Park.

Chris Walsh

Using a man's death as a way to get cheap shots in at the Park District. Classy.

Dylan Rose

Everything here is taken out of context, and the people who actually know and love him DO suspect foul play, but because of articles like this people will draw their own conclusions and I fear we will never get real justice for our dear David. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Concerned Friend

I agree, Dylan. So sad... May he RIP and may his family and friends (also my friends) find peace. <3

Dave's Uncle

I'm proud of Dave and how he has changed his life for the positive and driven himself toward his goals. He has come a long way and left way too soon. I love you Dave

Keith Olbermann Watcher

Bill Dobias....Today's Worst Person In The World!!!

How about an apology, Bill? I'd say you're above this type of thing, but we all know that's not true. Regardless, you should be ashamed.

William Dobias

To be ranked with "worst persons" posted by Keith Olbermann who himself said, "A mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but if you waste 15 million of them, apparently you get Texas," is a distinction that somehow is not too bothersome.

I am sorry if friends and family of Mr. Lindsey somehow took offense at what I said. I was commenting on statements made in the article, the veracity of which has yet to be established.

However, I make no apology to Chris Walsh and his Park Board who themselves tried to raise public concern about the "dangers" of Gordon Park by trumping up claims of police reports of alcohol and drug use in the park which the police chief later refuted.

Dave's fiance

Dave would have never done this to himself. He had too much to live for. You think what you want even though you're wrong. No one will understand the pain this family is going through and your comments don't help them at all.

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