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April 18, 2010


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William Dobias

Welcome to the way this Park Board operates. They'd rather do things quietly than face neighbors and taxpayers with their plans. As Chris Walsh said, the only real control we have over this board lies in who we elect to it. Remember that the next time we elect park board members.

Chris Walsh

My "direct democracy" remark was pretty bad, and I totally deserved the lumps I took for it.

I will say that, other than that opprobrium (which I hope is as temporary as it was appropriate), the entire discussion was in my opinion quite amicable, with evident good faith among all participants.

William Dobias

Chris -
Opprobrium: you're being too hard on yourself and the citizens attending. This was an awful lot like the July 2007 meeting the Park Board held to let us all know they were going to sell a part of Gordon Park - whether we liked it or not - although you were more amicable than Rob Metzger and Ms. Penicook were at that July meeting

If a youngster (not necessarily a member of Little League) is hurt on a field prepared by contractors employed by the Little League, who has liability? Why wouldn't Dean Bissias employ and supervise the contractors working in his (and our) park and charge the cost back to the Little League?

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