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June 10, 2010


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A Citezin.

There are never enough or not enough cops out at night. Obnoxious kids (too much Starbucks), people driving too bout an old school traffic cop or two? Liz? Are you listening?

Spell check

Maybe she'd listen if you could spell "citizen".

Nice to try and blame an elected official for an accident where someone violated a traffic law and ran a red light. Interestingly, you didn't blame Horvath or Palermo. Apparently only one elected official is your focus.


The picture looks so scary. I'm glad no one was injured.

Rachel Stoneham

These kinds of accidents can cause heavy traffic, that's why everybody should be extra careful while driving. It's also important to check the car's condition before hitting the road! Anyway, the woman seemed to have an adrenalin rush back then! I imagine the scene was probably like those in movies.

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