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September 21, 2010


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William Dobias

The Park Board just can't seem to get anything of a legal nature right, starting with the flaws in their 2007 sales contract with ARP (and probably before that). It seems to me that the Board is ill-served by their Executive Director, DEAN BISSIAS, and that it is time to hire someone better qualified than the former Buildings and Grounds Manager

Jim Boo

Maybe the PDLG needs to spend some money on legal assistance?

William Dobias

Actually, you're right, Jim. They need to find a lawyer that is more interested in serving them and us and not just focused on collecting big fees with minimum effort!

Joe Bagodonuts

I see no factual basis to support your claim that permits were not obtained for this work. The only fact you have is that they cannot produce a permit from 11 years ago. It could have just as easily been lost.

I can't produce today a lot of documents from 11 years ago. Doesn't mean they never existed.

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