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October 08, 2010


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Be Informed

For readers who would like a faster report, there are other links to available stories.

Below are a few stories from news agencies which have already been posted online and are likely to also be in print depending on the editor's decision.,lg-gordondecision-100810-s1.article

Be Informed


Again, a faster and more comprehensive perspective can be made by learning about the other lawsuits, mentioned above, which have associated interview videos and presentations that would inform readers to the people involved and their attitudes. Readers should watch them and read along:

Settlement offer from Park District of La Grange to Objectors on Dec. 7, 2009:

Objector interview about bigger garage:
Kevin Shields:

Objector presentation to Village:
Harlan Hirt:

Objector interview about lawsuit #2:
Orlando Coryell:

Suggestion for Objector Orlando Coryell to step down from President of La Grange Citizen's Council:
Doings Newspaper:

Park District Master Plan for new Gordon Park:

Lead Objector attorney statement of settlement progress:
Tom Beyer:

Park District settlement response to Objectors:
Mary Ellen Penicook:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Lead Objector attorney statement:
Tom Beyer:

Objectors receive strong criticism:

Settlement response from Park District of La Grange to Objectors on Nov. 18, 2009:
Suburban Life:

Park District Resolution 10-03 (Sept. 2010) and 09-02 regarding sale of Parcels 2 & 3 in Gordon Park:

Information relating to approved referendum by Park District of La Grange:

Future consideration of Gordon Park plans and promised continued legal action by Objectors:
Suburban Life:
Chicago Tribune:




Thank god this nonsense is close to being over! This whole effort was just an attempt by a small group to prevent the exercise of reasonable private property rights. Maybe they should liquidate and pool all their assets so they can buy it and legitimately control what goes there!

Too bad the village can't go after Coryell, Shields and others for the $500K+ cost of the litigation. And Shields' analogy of the loss being "like a death" is ridiculous and an insult to those of us who have lost a close friend/family member. Maybe he needs a bit more perspective in his life.

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