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October 04, 2010


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Be Informed

Wouldn't your readers like to be informed by taking note that this is old news, first reported by the online newspaper La Grange Patch?

Also, the Park District survey is not directly comparable to the referendum. The survey did not focus on a land-swap for renovations, but instead focused on spending tax dollars on renovations.

William Dobias

Yes, Beth, but the information for the referendum focused on the perceived tax benefits of building La Grange Place. Support included District 102 actively soliciting its parents for votes for the referendum because of the net gain in income the school district thought they could receive. The referendum had little to do with the rebuilding of Gordon Park.

Be Informed

Your view is one view. That view seems to be narrowly viewed to support your personal effort to stop the Park District from selling land directly behind the La Grange Towers condo building at 141 N. La Grange Road. According to your Village Board testimony, you live there. People might view your concern to be motivated by the immediate adjacency of the land for sale and that building.

So if you take in to acount what this development would have done for all of La Grange at a time when the economy was hurting and everyone was predicting a recession and a serious downturn of incoming tax dollars to taxing agencies, the referendum for the sale of 2.82 acres of Gordon Park had everything to do with the rebuilding of Gordon Park, and the increased tax revenues not only to District 102, but also to District 204, the Village, the Library, the Park District...I think also to COD and even the mosquito abatement district. Check your real estate tax bill to be sure who all would have benefited.
The mention of District 102 really matters to people who need that school to thrive to keep that school in the top schools in Illinois and to keep their property values up...and if someone with kids wanted to move in to 141 N. La Grange Road with kids, that would be a pretty important consideration.

Taxpayer of La Grange

This 55%/45% is so old it's irrelevant. The key was 55% supported the LEGAL sale of the property. How many % then or now support the ILLEGAL sale of park land? Which is what the courts have determined was proposed. PDLG get out of the development business, let all your attorneys go, and move on.

Beth Palmer

Hello all. This is Beth Palmer, editor of La Grange Patch. I'm not "Be Informed" and I'm not sure who is. Thom, this is the first time I'm seeing these comments and the similar ones on other articles.

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